Thursday, 15 August 2019

Two Faces

I am pretty sure that all of you have met a lot of people in your life. The kind people with tons of their kindness. And there are also the opposite. But have you really met this kind a person? Those who have two faces. They look so kind when people around, but when the were not, abruptly turn to the scary one. Just like movies. Yeah. I did watch this k-drama about people with two faces. But those kind of things being happened in such movie or something is really normal, but I did really meet this kind of guys in my real life.

Once you know who they really are, they won't hesitate to show you the real them, but still pretend to be nice to people around, even to you when people around. I don't exactly know what is the point of this post. Just to remind people and my self that the best thing of being alive in the world is to freeingly show people who we really are, without any mask, without any pretending, without something that makes us who we are not. Kinda rubbish post. Whatever :\. I have never been posting anything in ages.

Friday, 18 January 2019

700+ km journey

It was the last month of 2018 and I am so sad about it that we all are getting older and older but I still like have not experienced any meaningful things yet. You know sometimes people have their own way on defining something. What I am about to telling is my very first-awesome-exciting-farthest-incredible-tiring journey ever (I know this is way too much but hahah who cares), of course with my friends.

It started when a friend of mine was talking about things like doing humanity project like you know sharing things like clothes, books, and stuff. I have been waiting for this chance. So my friend had such a plan in the nearly time.

Long story short I decided to join and yeah I did prepare my stuff for 3 days journey from Makassar-Enrekang. It was still college days (idk wether the term is right or wrong) and the most importantly finished-reporting (laporan lengkap) would be held in the same day plus one day. what I mean by that, we were going to go on Tuesday and the laporan lengkap was only till Friday (the science students will probably know how terrible it can be). Hmm. it such a hassle thing.

I just could not believe that I went there, Nating, in Bungin, Enrekang Regency, by motorcycle. little village that really far from town and so remote, like we really needed to go through cobblestone road, the uphill road which was very steep, mountains road with terrible ravines on the other side, muddy red soil, the sharpening of the brake lining smell, smoky motorbike, also remind that the weather was so bad-bad-bad as it could be, the road was so slick, the puddle of water fulfilled our way, the cold of our wet dress, dirty shoes, starving stomach.

Every time we took time to Pertamina to refill the fuel remind me that I was going further and further from home, I checked maps and saw myself so far from my lovely room, makes me realized that it is not always about the destination, but how to be back home safely and the process of the journey itself. And I can say it was so awesome. Like I am really thankful to the mosques that so much helped in many ways, to the people who had kindly accommodate us, both for the food and place to stay, for the view along the way which was so-so-so awesome, I never experienced it before things like sleep in everywhere just because we were just so tired, the fresh air of being surrounded by nature, seeing an awesome little mountain with unique shape, seeing the line of place that shined and not by the sun, meeting new people, and things called togetherness. There are lots of things that I realized that I have to be grateful of

I just do not know how to tell the detail of the journey, because I am sure it is going to be a very very long story, so I decided only to write the point down and how my feeling was at that moment. And yeah here are some pictures on our three days journey:

taking rest in Barru sign
in the middle of somewhere to taking a rest, again

found a place to stay overnight

early in the morning

refill the fuel before the real mountain climbing with the mocies

taking rest after 4 hours motorcycling non-stop

tired faces 

somewhere in Nating, lil part of Latimojong

having a deep convo about coffe with bapak founder of  'Arabika Kopi Massipa'

river flows in you (yiruma) :v

somewhere in Bungin with the squad

pikpik with mt. nona as background

we were just so tired to continue the journey

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Officially Fosils!

This post might be very unimportant article for you, but this is going to be an awesome post for me because it tells about my memories when I fight to be a fosils :) which a post that will remind me again someday...

Fosils? What is that? well actually It’s a  name of ukm (unit kegiatan mahasiswa). Its name is Fosil btw, but I don’t know what they call the member so I named myself as Fosils. Heheh. Fosil is an abbreviation of Forum Studi Ilmiah. Can you imagine what we do in this community? I hope so…. I am just too lazy to explain :p

So there are some phases you have to pass if you want to join. And I have passed the phases. Wow (I think I am getting alay, sorry!). We did make essay, interview, and the last round which was the best part after all, the camp!!!!!! Yup.. It’s the most memorable part and I am going to tell you a lil bit more detail about it. 
Here it is!
We called it as Camping Ilmiah
It was 08.00 am on Friday morning when the committee asked us to gather at campus. It was a formal opening and some provisioning from the elder and so on, so on. We then left to location by bus. 


And finally we arrived. With bunch of stuff on my bag which I used on my back *It’s very heavyyyy anyway* It’s not only about the heavy bag, but we should walk ascend the way which was very nanjak. It was awfully-totally tiring day ever. But alhamdulillah we arrived there safely :)) 
We than took a rest in mushollah (which was near to the location) for a while and got some foods to eat before we went to build the shelter (I finally know how to do it! It’s very easy). You should know, it was out of expectation. The place we built the shelter was very muddy. Just couldn’t imagine how I passed my days in that sloshy place with a good memories <3

Our Saturday was began with morning exercise which was very amberadul. We did gymnastics but no one knew the motion very well. We ended up holding hands forward for minutes (this was very hard to hold your hands stood up). Then we had breakfasted and prepared for the observation. Yup. Proudly we used our alma mater jacket and went to the village. We were divided by some groups. We went to people houses. This was my first time as college student do this kind of thing. we interviewed people around the village about the problem they faced on. My group, which consisted of myself, awa’, and mus had visited 3 houses. Until the midday we didn’t get the idea yet, but kak wilda who helped us so much (she is such a good speaker) never stopped supporting us. Remember that night we should find at least a problem and the solution we offer to be presented in front of the seniors and the other new members. We did think very hard until we decided to choose an idea (which was very general and ordinary) but we just couldn’t think any more better idea to be talked. 

One of the best thing about the camp was the time after we made the ppt slide for that night, we got some chit-chat with the predecessor or you can say the seniors or the founder(?) of fosil. 

There were 8 seniors with their interesting stories, I just don’t know how to tell you, it was very interesting!

Till the time came  to presenting the material, I was felt very nervous. First, because I was not very confident with the topic we chose to be presented. Second, I am not such a very good speaker. Third, there were so many seniors and friends who was going to watch. And the last, I was just not ready for that all :’) 

I don’t want to talk about this any longer! Please don’t force me!! :v

Well, the last day of camp, we woke up very early, prayed together, and asked by seniors to make line. We were directed to a place with a round shape and asked to sit circling (please just pretending that you understand if you don’t!). and the kakaks started talking. and etc. etc. when finally we officially became the member. We officially Fosils. Yay!

You might think how gaje this post is and what is very interesting about the story. I think there are missing pieces. I just don’t know what and how to write it down (or I am not a good story teller(?)). Well I am still practicing, I'll try to do better on the next time!

Thanks for reading!

PS. I actually do not want to post this post remind that my grammar must be very huueek and the story was very gaje. But you should know there is a reason why, which I will share on my other post.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Eyes under the Super Blue Blood Moon

"We have no rights
 to judge others
 before we walk miles
 in their shoes."

It’s been 3 days since that once per hundred years event happens. I would like to share a story which happened that night in the super blue blood moon , January 31, 2018, the last day of the January this year.

And here it is!

--- --- --- --- ---

It was 9  p.m. when I rode my motorcycle along the road and as I could see the traffic was still heavy  in this kind of time. Huh. I tried to pull up the gas and hoped I could arrive home sooner.

There was a wide field in front of my house which was a place where you could see the sky crystal clear. I came over the road and just some meters more I arrived at home. Eyes was staring at me when I just looked back at him from inside my helmet. 

“What is this guy doing here in the middle of the field with no shirt *of course he used a pants*, well, he must be doing meditation! It’s lunar eclipse now.”

I parked my motorcycle and saw my brother was seeing the same guy from a far and I was like 

“Is he your friend? what is he doing there? Staring to the moon, talking don’t know what.”

“He’s been there for an hour, I don’t even know why” he said and left me alone.

By the space of the fence I observed him intently in distance, once in a while he sucked his cigarette, then talked to no one, and did the same thing again and over again. I just didn’t know what was on his mind.

I was annoyed by this boring show and shouted so he could hear me and realize that someone had been staring at him since last 20 minutes. Split the second he stared at here, the place I spied on him. He stood and ran over the road approached my house. I was so surprised then went into house and locked the door. I could feel the cannonading from the floor by his stride. He then hammered on the door heavily like a mad. It was scaring. I screamed very loud so my brother would come and help me to keep this house safe from this mad guy.

“ Why are you still here? Still looking at that guy? Come on! You are the one who always tells me to stop doing something useless. Go inside and sleep!” said my older brother. 

All the things I have told you about the guy in the previous paragraph was just my thoughts. The mad guy didn’t even move centimeters away from his first place and ignore my last schout which I did to get his attention. He was still there with his cigarette and talked to no one. I went to my room and checked up my social media account which was full feed pictures of red moon in the dark sky.

Well, until now. I didn’t know the guy in front of my house and what he was doing there. One I know, he didn’t something bad to me and didn’t even notice me. I felt sorry about thinking bad and calling him as a mad guy which was he might be stressed or something bad happened to him or I just didn’t know everything about him.  I have no rights to judge others before I walk miles in their shoes. Whoever and what ever you were thinking. I hope you get a better life!

Friday, 26 January 2018

Unnamed Post


It is been a long  long time ago since my last post and I am so excited to write something down again. If I am not mistaken, it was on my second year in high school I posted my last post and now, yeaaah I am already on my first year at university.  And huh, I am getting older  *cryinginthecorner           

Well I know that my English have not pretty well yet, but bravely  want to challenge myself to start to make article in English. It such a hard thing because even if I have to post in Bahasa, it is still a bit hard for me, let alone in English. I do not exactly know what I want to say in this post, just want to  make it is like umm yeah I really am going to do this. There must be some mistakes on grammatically or you can say that as messy English hikss, I know, and one day i am sure that I will be laughing at my old post (actually this post), just the way I laughed few days ago to my old post, and I am like did I really write this post? I tell you what, there is no any other purposes but only for self-improvement and to get a better English over the time.

I actually  have thought about this, making article, thinking about this all the time, when I was eating, bathing, studying, even driving to campus thinking about idea what I am going to share to my blog reader. It might be about a mount, but only by now it is happened. But, OMG. I think I am getting gajeeee (read: ga jelas) and gajeeeer (read: lebih ga jelass) (?). OK then. The point is I just want to accost my readers that might actually go away because of my very long vacuum -_-

I think it is enough for today, for this post, for this mosssssst gaje article. See you on my next posts. Hope I have the chances. Thanks :)

"You might ask about the pict at the beginning of this post,
well I just found it on pinterest and wanted to put it there."

Monday, 9 January 2017

#REVIEWZENIUS Menurut gue Zenius itu....

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb. 

Hello everyone!  

After a long time since my last post akhirnya gue bisa bikin artikel lagi. Setelah kesibukan siswa akhir tahun di SMA gue benar-benar riang gembira untuk bisa mendapat liburan sejenak dari rutinitas belajar dan ulangan semester yg cukup WAH buat otak gue. Eventhough, sebentar lagi bakalan ada ujian besar yang menanti gue didepan, ga apa-apa lah rebahan bentar sambil review sedikit tentang zenius. 

Zenius? Apa tuh? Mungkin masih ada yg belum tau apa itu zenius. Well, gue mau mendeskripsikan sedikit tentang zenius dari sudut pandang gue. Menurut gue, zenius adalah sebuah situs belajar online yg keren banget karena memungkinkan kita belajar dimana aja, kapan aja, sama siapa aja. Apalagi buat yg mungkin masih gak percaya hanya dengan kata-kata bisa langsung nyicipin di Zenius net dngan menonton video belajar gratis yg tersedia untuk setiap mapel disana.

Itulah gambaran singkat gue tentang zenius. Berhubung gue adalah salah satu dari pengguna zenius net, setelah membaca zenius blog tentang  lomba review zenius, menambah motivasi gue untuk membuat artikel yg lebih bagus lagi, apalagi ketika tahun kemarin gue juga ikut kirim artikel ke zenius dan ga dapet konfirmasi apa-apa :’) . Well gue mau bagi pengalaman tentang bagaimana peran zenius dalam hidup gue, hal-hal yg membuat gue suka banget sama zenius dan hal yg menurut gue harus diperbaiki untuk lebih meningkatkan lagi kualitas zenius.

Sebagai anak dari orang tua yg punya banyak anak, alias saudara gue banyak dan semuanya pada masih sekolah. Masalah tentang keluhan saudara-saudara gue termasuk gue tentang masalah belajar disekolah yg menurut gue personally kurang efektif akhirnya gue menemukan benang merahnya setelah kakak gue memperkenalkan gue dengan sebuah situs yg bernama Zenius yg juga pernah ngebantuin dia pada saat itu buat sbmptn dan alhamdulillah diterima di salah satu ptn di kota gue. Kerennya itu Zenius menyajikan video pembelajaran dari kelas 1 sd sampai 3 sma, bahkan untuk persiapan UN dan sbmptn sehingga ga cuma gue yg bisa pake, gue bisa gantian sama saudara-saudara gue buat belajar. Gak cuma itu, menurut gue harga vouchernya juga sangat terjangkau kalau dibandingin ikut les yang ngomong uangnya sampai jutaa. terkhusus Zenius, gue selalu beli voucher setahun karena menurut gue lebih murah. Untuk kelengkapan harga bisa cek disini.

Well, hal pertama yg gue suka banget dari zenius seperti yg telah gue gambarkan diawal tadi, zenius itu memungkinkan gue buat belajar dimana aja,  kapan aja, sama siapa aja. Bisa belajar sambil rebahan, sambil nungguin pesanan di Pitja hat, sambil nungguin temen yg hobi nya pakai jam karet, bahkan curi-curi waktu buat belajar saat liburan kerumah nenek.

Hal lain yg membuat gue gak bosen mantengin zenius adalah bahasanya yang santai dan mudah dipahami oleh kaum muda kayak gue. Dibandingkan dengan sistem belajar disekolah yg menggunakan bahasa yg terlalu baku sometimes membuat gue ngantuk tak tertahankan.

Hal yg paling mendasar yg gue suka banget dari zenius adalah ngajarnya. Di zenius kita diajarin konsep dasar. Gue yg dulu nya paling anti sama yg namanya Math berfikiran bahwa matematika adalah palajaran yg sangat sulit dan membosankan atau mungkin hanya diperuntukkan bagi mereka yg jenius. Setelah kenal zenius, everything has changed. Gue menjadi lebih semangat belajar. Matematika yg identik dengan hapalan rumus tertanya gak selamanya seperti  itu. Dengan zenius, lo gak perlu hapalin rumus yg orang narsis bilang hapal sampai botak karena lo bakal diajarin dan dibuat sampe ngerti sama konsepnya. And unforgetable moment ever adalah ketika gue pernah mendapat nilai perfect di ulangan matematika gue. Rasanya itu wah banget.

Dan hal yang paling gue suka banget adalah zenius blog dan semua akun sosmed yang dimiliki zenius seperti instagram dan fanpage fbnya. Kenapa? Karena setiapnya postingannya  itu selalu enak untuk dibaca dan gak pernah ngebosenin. Artikel zenius blog selalu sesuai dengan situasi dan kondisi, sehingga yang baca akan merasa tertarik untuk membaca karena postingannya selalu bisa relevan dengan apa yang lagi booming atau trend pada saat itu. For example, ketika hari guru zenius bakal posting hal yg relevan seperti yang ada pada link ini, ketika telolet lagi marak-maraknya zenius posting tentang polindrom, ketika lagi musim video narsis naik bus zenius punya penjelasan secara ilmiahnya, ketika lagi musim sbmptn pasti postingannya bakal nyambung seperti artikel tentang penyebab gagal masuk SBMPTN. Tulisan-tulisannya juga enak dibaca, karena bahasanya gak terlalu baku, kesannya santai tapi informatif. That is why, gue suka banget sama zenius.

Nothing’s perfect, kata yg mengawali paragraf ini. Gak lama ini gue pernah cari materi pelajaran tentang paragraf eksposisi. Jadi ceritanya gue dikasih tugas sama guru bahasa Indonesia buat cari materi tentang paragraf tersebut untuk bahan persentase di depan kelas dan gue udah keliling materi dari kelas 1-3 sma dan gak dapet-dapet. Ga tau apa gue yang kurang teliti nyarinya atau gak dipelajarin di SMA, atau emang di Zenius nya yg ga ada. So saran buat zenius buat di lihat ulang materi yg ada sama ga ada supaya bisa dibuat selengkap lengkapnya. Dan hal lain yg pernah menjadi masalah ketika gue pakai zenius adalah terkadang gue mau putar bideo zenius di hp dan error (atau ada istilah lainnya) padahal jaringannya bagus kok, baru setelah gue reload sampai beberapa kali terus bisa diputar videonya. Entah hp gue yg bermasalah, Idk. Dan satu lagi, gue adalah pengguna zenius net, sehingga gue harus log in dulu sebelum nonton yg versi premium. But sometimes, ketika gue sementara nonton video dan mau pindah ke chapter selanjutnya entah kenapa disuruh log in lagi. , mungkin ini upaya dari pihak zenius untuk lebih menjaga keamanan akun pengguna or another reason yg gue ga ngerti, but honestly itu kadang ganggu banget apalagi kalo udah lagi semangat-semangatnya belajar. Well, butuh pencerahannya aja kalo emang kendala yang gue alami adalah karena ketidakpahaman gue akan penggunaan internet. Gitu aja sih.
Oh ya gue juga mau bagi sedikit cerita, gue ga maksud ngebanding-bandingin atau gimana ya. Jadi sekitar beberapa bulan yang lalu, voucher zen gue udah berakhir dan ga belajar online untuk beberapa minggu. Sampai ada yg datang kesekolah mempromosikan tentang belajar online, tapi bukan zenius, dan gue ga ada niat buat nyebutin namanya. Well, kata-kata sih mbak-mbaknya cukup menghipnotis gue saat itu. Sampai gue jadi bingung mau beli voucher buat zen atau produk yg baru gue kenal itu. My mother said, terserah kamulah, kamu pasti lebih tau mana yg lebih baik.” karena gue mulai berfikir, gapapalah nyoba yg baru dan akhirnya kebeli deh. Seriously, ada rada nyesel setelah belinya. Produknya bagus sih, itu sendainya gue ga kenal zenius. Tapi gue udah kenal zenius duluan. Awalnya gue bikir, pakai ajalah dulu lama-lama pasti bakal betah. Tapi, ini hati emang ga bisa dibohongin, menurut gue zen jauh lebih asik buat gue belajar. Well, karena kepikiran terus dan gak mungkin minta uang lagi karena pasti bakal kena marah. Gue mulai nabung and finally uang gue terkumpul buat beli Zenius. Trus yg produk baru itu dipakai sama saudara gue yg belum akrab sama zenius. Mungkin terdengar alay, tapi seriously sejak saat itu gue berpikir bahwa zenius itu satu-satunya yg pas dihati dan otak gue.

Overall. Buat gue Zenius itu keren banget!

Jadi mungkin cuma segini artikel gw kali ini, mungkin ada yg salah kata atau salah ketik. Mohon dimaklumi. Salah satu harapan gue setelah post artikel ini semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi yang membaca atau orang lain bakal terinspirasi buat ikut pakai zenius apalagi buat temen-temen gue yg  masih aja selalu tungguin postingan gue.

Sekian dari gue, terima kasih atas kunjungannya

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Curahan Hati Pelajar (I)


Ga terasa kita udah lagi lagi menjalani semester dua sekolah, yang kelas XII sebentar lagi ujian. Semoga lulus semua! Aamiin. Buat yang kelas XI juga akan naik ke kelas XII begitu pula dengan kelas X yang akan naik ke kelas XI

Okay, semua kan udah pada tau kalo kita tuh udah kembali menggunakan ktsp, bukan k13 lagi. Nah otomatis ga ada lagi aturan yang mewajibkan siswa yg mencari sendiri materinya terus diskusi, pokoknya hanya mendapat arahan dari guru. Lantas siswa usaha sendiri mencari penjelasan dari topik pembelajaran.

Nah, setealah gue mengamati beberapa kejadian yang terjadi disekitar gue dan beberapa temen gue yang belajar di tempat yg berbeda. Ternyata, masih ada aja guru yang emang bisa nya hanya memberi catatan, kerja tugas, ya udah gitu. Terus mereka menuntut kita mengerjakan sebaik2nya sedang ga ada penerangan sebelumnya tentang materi tersebut. Mereka datang, nulis soal dipapan lantas kita disuruh mengerjakannya. Wong kita mau kerja apaan? kita tanya sama gurunya eh malah disuru baca bukunya. Kalo memang begitu apa coba peran nya guru? Lebih baik bukunya dibagikan saja trus sudah.  Emang sih ada beberapa siswa yang memang bisa mengerti hanya dengan membaca petunjuk dan penjelasan apa gitu dari buku, terus buat orang dengan otak dan pemikiran yg pas-pasan? Mereka jelas butuh penjelasan. Emang sih guru memberikan kita kesempatan untuk bertanya, lantasa apa? Ketika kita bertanya mereka malah cuma merespon, ‘nah lo, makanya rajin baca buku’.

Dari beberapa teman yang gue amati, contoh sederhana  gue kasih nama A aja. Si A tuh orang nya pntar. Nah si guru ini memberikan tugas kepada siswa nya, tanpa memberikan penjelasan terlebih dahulu. Siswa bertanya cuma mendapat respon nya kaya tadi ‘baca buku!!’. Nah yang si A inikan orang nya pntar, jadi dia mengamati buku lantas mengerti dengan  pertanyaan tersebut. Lah udah dikerjainlah sama dia tuh soal. Trus bagaimana dengan siswa lain yang sama sekali gak ngerti. Ketika melihat si A ini ngerjain dengan serius otomatis mereka langsung datang dan bertanya, ‘eh cara ngerjain nya gimana?’ ‘eh ini gimana?’ ‘itu gimana?’ . Baguslah kalo si A ini baik, kalo pelit? Makin ga ngerti lah teman temannya?

Lantas. Apakah si A harus berbaik hati menjelaskan semua yang dia mengerti pada teman2nya? Menjelaskan mereka satu persatu yang datang silih berganti bagai antrean sembako? Gimana lagi kalo ada temennya  yang agak lemot? Lantas apa yang dilakukan si guru? ttp tidak menjelaskan materinya? Tetap memberikan beban  menjelaskan kepada si A? Hah?

Emg sih ga semua guru seperti ni, dan bisa dibilang mngkin Cuma beberapa. Dalam tulisan ini gue juga sama sekali ga punya maksud buat nge-judge guru atau apapun itu istilah nya. Justru gue pengen terimakasih kepada guru2 yg telah mendidik kami, memberikan pencerahan, motivasi, penyeleasain masalah tentanng materi pelajaran, tapi mohon untuk guru yg mungkin masih ga sadar atas apa yg telah mereka lakukan  yg mungkin menurut perspektif mereka udah pas, bagus,tepat lantas yang menderita  para siswa. Lagi pula kan memang  suatu pekerjaan itu harus didasari dngn kecintaan, otomatis mereka akan melakukan sesuatu yang Cuma membuat mereka nyaman tanpa memperdulikan siswa yang mungkin mengalami kesengsaraan karana sikap guru yang seperti itu. Dan menurut gw pribadi, sifat seperti ini telah merusak sebaik2 dan semulia2nya citra guru.

Mungkin pembaca juga bertanya-tanya, maksud gue bikin tulisan ini apa coba? Apa ada maksud tersirat dari artikel ini? Gue dan mungkin temen2 gue, serta pelajar lain yang mungkin merasakan hal yang serupa Cuma mau menyuarakan isi hati, tidak ada maksud apapun selain itu. Dan Jadi buat kata2 yang mungkin dianggap menyinggung prasaan baik secara batin maupun apalah itu namanya :D mohon dimaafkan

Entah, gw berfikir bagaimana gue bisa manyalurkan isi hati gue, pemikiran gue tentang sesuatu yang personally gue anggap keliru dan harus dibenarkan untuk kepentingan dan kenyamanan bersama. Gue cuma bisa mengungkapkannya lewat sebuah tulisan yang mungkin ga ada artinya buat pembaca. Tapi setidakya rasa ganjal dihati gw bisa berkurang walau secuil.

Untuk kesempatan dan waktu yang telah diluangkan membaca artikel ini sayaucap terima kasih. 
~Pembaca yang baik selalu meninggalkan jejak~ saya harap anda salah satu dari mereka ( pembaca yang baik itu)